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Patient Testimonials

I had been wearing my hearing aids for a long while, and was starting to notice that I couldn’t adjust them well any more. I knew someone who was a representative of a hearing aid manufacturer, and they highly recommended that I visit Dr. Kristine Jarrell, as she had a great reputation for quality and integrity.

She was very knowledgeable about the latest in hearing aid technology and demonstrated what it could do for me – it seemed like everything but serve my coffee! She was very thorough in explaining every detail and if I didn’t understand, we reviewed it again. I was full of questions and she was very patient to make sure I understood. I was really happy that she carried different brands of products, I wasn’t limited to just one choice. I really didn’t feel I was pushed into a purchase - I was satisfied about everything I needed to know before I made my final decision, and I’ve been really pleased with the results.

I have to say that she is not only thorough, but very warm and caring. I really trust her to do the right thing for me and I actually enjoy visiting her in her office. She has become another friend to me and I’ve highly recommended her to my friends and family, and I’ve had positive feedback from their experiences with Dr. Jarrell as well. She’s a great doctor!

~ Trevor A.

I found Dr. Jarrell when I had the flu, it settled in one ear and I went almost completely deaf. Someone recommended Dr. Jarrell and she fitted me with a hearing aid in just that ear. I feel I must have been her worst patient, but she was extremely caring with me throughout the entire process and worked with me until I was totally happy with the results. She is genuinely concerned about her patients and is honest and has great integrity. I carry her cards with me and give them out to people. Several of those people have gone to see her, and the feedback I get is that “We love her!”

~ Grace C.

As a former court appointed guardian ad litem (CASA) for Island County. I was in court for children I represented. I realized that I could not adequately hear the proceedings. I expected to learn what hearing decencies I had and to what extent they could be treated. My first pair of behind-the-ear hearing aids helped me hear what was being said in a room with background noise present. I kept losing them, so I went back and got another pair that went into my ear canals. My former expectations were far surpassed due to the knowledge by my audiologist and professional behavior.

- Carolyn B

I went to Hearing Health Services because I needed a hearing test and to get 2 new hearing aids. Was not really sure what to expect, but everything went great. Hearing Health Services changed my life a lot for the better because all the other doctors I went to wouldn’t help me get new hearing aids. I love this place. With new hearing technology I can hear things I could not be able to hear and I love what Dr Jarrell has done for me in the last 8 years.

- Tim B.

I went to Hearing Health Services searching for good service. Was expecting real personal feelings and help. Hearing Health Services changed my life in great response to my needs. Hearing Health Services is a very cool professional business.

- Dorothy A.