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Hearing Care for Infants and Children

Speech, learning or behavioral issues are often the first indicators of a possible hearing problem. These problems arise when a child has a potential hearing deficit. Hearing Health Services can help in the diagnoses process or ruling out hearing loss as a possible contributor to a speech delay.

What is pediatric audiology?

Pediatric audiology is a type of healthcare offered to both infants and young children who are experiencing hearing problems or sound recognition issues. Identifying hearing problems early in a child’s life is essential for normal speech and language development, as well as social development.

What services are recommended for pediatric patients?

The services we offer will vary according to each unique child’s condition and symptoms as well as their age and family history. Dr. Jarrell will perform hearing tests in order to determine the type and degree of the child’s deficit. These tests may include behavioral tone testing, speech testing, middle ear function testing as well as visual reinforcement testing. After the examination, a diagnosis is given and Dr. Jarrell will determine if any further methods of treatment are recommended for your child. They may use certain devices, such as hearing aids, to treat problems with hearing. Also, therapy may be utilized in order to treat certain hearing problems, such as a sensory hearing conditions and speech delays.

Indicators of hearing loss in children:

  • Speech and language delays
  • Listens to TV or music at loud levels
  • Speaks loudly
  • Asks to have things repeated
  • Attention problems
  • Only responds when face-to-face
  • Has a delayed reaction when spoken to
  • Has no response when called upon
  • Has trouble following directions