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What You Can Expect

Dr. Jarrell in Exam Room

When you arrive at Hearing Health Services, we realize you’ve also arrived at an important decision in your life – to reconnect with the world around you. We understand that this decision may be a sensitive one and we are dedicated to helping you every step of the way with our personalized and caring approach.

Your initial visit to our clinic will typically take an hour.  First, you’ll meet with our friendly practice manager Lisa,  who will ask you to fill out a quick form with your general and health insurance information. (You may also fill this out in advance and bring it with you - see our patient forms on this page.)


Dr. Jarrell will ask questions about your health history, which helps her understand how it may affect your hearing.  She will ask about noise exposure, communication issues, and medically related issues such as dizziness and tinnitus. It is important to share specific concerns, such as vision or dexterity problems, cosmetic concerns, etc. She will inquire as to when and where you are having hearing problems and what expectations you have for correcting them, and she will consult with you on your lifestyle to help determine your specific communication needs.

A hearing evaluation will be performed, which will require you to respond to a series of sounds and beeps at varying volume levels and frequencies.  Speech recognition and loudness discomfort levels will also be measured, and middle ear function will be determined.  These procedures measure the degree and origin of any possible impairment.

Following the evaluation, Dr. Jarrell will discuss her findings with you and answer any questions you may have.  She will go over all of your options and make appropriate recommendations.  If you decide hearing instruments are right for you she will provide a demonstration of current technology options, and if a custom product is decided upon, ear impressions can be done at that time as well.  Dr. Jarrell will work closely with you to find a hearing solution that works best for your needs.

Fittings and Trial Period

Once the hearing instrument order is placed, it may take up to two weeks to arrive at our clinic. At that time we will contact you to set up an appointment for a fitting, which typically takes an hour.  Dr. Jarrell will program the hearing instruments exactly for your hearing needs using specialized equipment to confirm the hearing aids match the prescribed targets.  She will also explain general functions of the aids, what you need to know for everyday use, how to recharge or change the batteries, and answer any questions you may have.

Follow up visits during the next 60 days of the risk-free period are necessary to ensure a proper fitting. The first visit will be made one week following the fitting, and subsequent visits will typically be every one to two weeks for the duration of the trial.  Dr. Jarrell encourages her patients to share any experiences and/or concerns they may have during this time in order to fine tune the instruments appropriately.

Supportive Aftercare

Once you are enjoying the benefits of great hearing with your new hearing aids, you are always welcome to return to Dr. Jarrell for any adjustments, cleaning services or just to discuss your hearing situation and any further goals.